Manufacturers & Suppliers of Mechanical Spring Starters and components.

Workwell Engineering specialises in design and manufacturing of hand wound mechanical spring starter motors and starter components for the purpose of starting a diesel engine without any need for electricity. Workwell’s components have been successfully installed to start engines of upto 14 liters . Workwell’s starter components have been applied in starter motors across various industries including agriculture, petroleum and marine in various parts of the world including North America, South America, UK, as well as many European countries.

Workwell has over 24 years of experience in providing the highest quality products which are manufactured with utmost level of precision to suit our client’s need for reliability. Workwell’s innovative design and consistency in product quality has been key to various organizations preferring the use of its mechanical starter over other alternatives to start their engines.

Industrial Power Units (IPU)

Workwell is pleased to announce its alliance with [IPU Group (Industrial Power Units)] The UK organisation has over 35 years experience in the field of non-electric starting systems for diesel engines. The alliance means that IPU are now the exclusive worldwide distribution partner for the SureStart range of spring starters.

About us

Workwell Engineering India is an engineering company formed to manufacture high precision ferrous...

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The spring starter can be used in numerous applications ranging from all industries and sectors of work...

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We are the only Mechanical spring starter company in the world that has its own in house facility...

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Workwell mechanical starters can start engine capacity of 0.5 litre to 10.5 litre...

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