In layman terms it is a manually operated diesel engine starter. By winding a cranking handle the disc springs are compressed and when the potential energy in the springs are released by tripping, the starter pinion rotates the engine flywheel ring gear thus starting the diesel engine.

The spring starter rotates the engine flywheel through practically the same number of revolutions as an electric starter, but at considerably higher speed,almost twice as fast as a conventional electric starter.

A mechanical spring starter is totally autonomous and does not need any external energy source except for manual power. It combines the reliability of hand winding with the power of spring mechanism. It is a direct bolt on replacement for electric, pneumatic or hydraulic starter used for starting direct injection diesel engines.

Capable of starting diesel engines from 0.5 to 10.5 liters. No modification to the flywheel bellhousing is required.

The starters are maintenance free and provides a fail safe solution to either primary or secondary (emergency) starting devices.

Workwell starters are flame proof, spark free units ideal for hazardous environments like offshore oil rigs, chemical plants and mines. They are eco friendly and non toxic gadgets as they do not require batteries.

Workwell starters can be tailor made to suite different engines and applications.



  • Benefits Of Mechanical Spring Starters
  • Versatility Of Mechanical Spring Starters
  • No external power source required. (i.e. battery, compressor, hydraulic power pack or alternator)
  • Smooth pre engagement of drive pinion minimizes ring gear wear
  • Flameproof & spark free (ideal for oil rigs, coal mines & other hazardous environments)
  • Damp and cold condition start up (Immediate start up even after long shut down on sites)
  • Water proof (works even after full immersion in water)
  • No risk of water contamination compared to electric starters
  • No dust or debris choking (ideal in desert or extreme temperature conditions)
  • Cost effective, reliable & maintenance free (fraction of price for primary component and maintenance compared to substitutes ie: hydraulic,pneumatic)
  • Ideal for remote& harsh locations
  • No lubrication required
  • Fraction of weight compared to alternatives
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise rotation options available
  • Compatibility with different engine sizes (0.5 to 10.5 liters)
  • Optional drive pinions, flanges/mounting brackets for a wide range of engines & applications
  • Simple and quick working whtether used as a primary or secondary device (simple hand winding gets you started)

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